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Stop Sex Trafficking


Do you know what Sex Trafficking is? I didn’t until I got educated when I became an Ambassador of Hope for Shared Hope International whose goal is to ERADICATE SEX TRAFFICKING.

Sex trafficking is when a commercial sex act is induced by force, fraud or coercion OR when the person induced to perform the act is under 18 years old. (Source:

Sex Trafficking is a HUGE problem! Not just overseas, but right in your own city young girls and boys are being kidnapped, beaten, drugged, sold and forced to be sex slaves. Your child could be next. Or somebody you know.


After I learned about Sex Trafficking, I realized that my grade school best friend (Diana Moffitt) had been a victim. I didn’t know that’s what it was called. I didn’t know there was a name for what happened to Diana. I thought she simply met the wrong guy.I met Diana in Mr. Butler's 5th grade class at Pleasant Valley Elementary School.

Diana was a bubbly, loving, giving, caring girl. She was very popular, outgoing and absolutely gorgeous! Like most girls, she was looking for love. Unfortunately, the wrong guy played on that desire and her life took a turn for the worst.

While we were close in grade school, we drifted apart in high school. I wish we had stayed close. Maybe I could’ve helped her. Here is what I know about what happened to Diana…

While in high school, she met this guy at an underage dance club who became her boyfriend. She dropped out of high school her junior year. He got her into working as a nude dancer. I know this because Diana actually called me and invited me to come audition as a nude dancer. So I did. I was lured in by the great money. And my friend was doing it, so why not? I did the audition, but I did not take the job.Photo of Diana Moffitt

Before I knew it, I was hearing rumors of her “boyfriend” pimping her out as a prostitute. They weren’t rumors. It was true.

I asked my friend, Leanna, who was Diana’s best friend in high school what she knew about what happened to Diana. She was the closest person to Diana and had more details than I did. She witnessed the change in Diana’s behavior after she met this guy.

In tears, Leanna told me that she and Diana used to spend all of their time together including every weekend. After Diana met this guy, Leanna started seeing less and less of Diana. Diana became distant and secretive, even though she used to tell Leanna everything.

Leanna despised this guy. Leanna has a keen ability to tell whether a person is good or bad upon meeting them. But she knew he was bad news just from what Diana was telling her about him. She tried to get Diana away from this guy. This guy made Leanna’s skin crawl. She literally hated him and even confronted him in person as Diana begged her to stop out of fear this guy would kill Leanna.

Diana & Leanna climbing around in a treeLeanna believes that Diana’s boyfriend/pimp would beat her and threaten to kill Diana’s family members and even her (Leanna) if Diana didn’t do what he told her to do. Diana was under his control.

But Diana got away for about six months. During that time, she and Leanna were back to doing everything together again. Then one day, Diana told Leanna she had to go back to him. Leanna begged her not to go.

Diana said she had to and would be back in a few weeks. Leanna knew in her heart that when she dropped Diana off at the airport to go back to working for this guy, she would never see Diana again. Leanna was right. She never saw her best friend again.Leanna & Diana so happy at Christmas time

In October 1987, Leanna and I received the shocking news that Diana Moffitt was murdered. Her body was found decomposed in a ditch in Chula Vista, California near San Diego.

Three months prior, Diana had called her grandmother and told her she was coming home. But nobody heard from her after that, so she was reported missing. Her body was found about three months later.

Leanna and I lost our best friend to Sex Trafficking! This is just one of MILLIONS of victims’ stories.

It could’ve been my story, too! What if I had taken that job as a nude dancer, followed Diana’s path and fallen under that guy’s control?!?! That could’ve been me! What a scary thought.

Diana’s nightmare could’ve been mine. Many little girls are living this nightmare. THIS NEEDS TO STOP! Shared Hope needs help to stop this travesty. This cause is so important to me!

Diana & LeannaPlease don’t let Diana Moffitt’s life be in vain. There are MILLIONS of other victims being kidnapped, beaten, drugged, sold and forced to have sex for money. They need our help!

We couldn’t help Diana, but we can help so many other victims if you will give a little today. Or if you’re able, please GIVE BIG! There is no better cause!!! You’ll be helping MILLIONS of Sex Trafficking victims and making the streets safer for your own kids and loved ones. These sex traffickers are kidnapping our kids for their sex business!

I wish I had Shared Hope International back then and could’ve sought their assistance and expertise to help Diana!

I truly appreciate any support you can provide. Shared Hope needs our financial help to fund the many different efforts they are making in order to STOP SEX TRAFFICKING! Please give today. Please give for Diana! Please give for all the other girls like her who still have hope of being saved and restored to a normal life.IMG_3844 2016.05.10 Diana Moffitt senior photo

I miss Diana Moffitt! I am committed to making sure her suffering was not in vain.

Thanks so much for caring enough to read all of this.

And please visit Shared Hope International to see how you can help victims of Sex Trafficking.